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New Delhi: Hi-Tech Solutions, a Bangalore based company that develops and manufactures innovative products  to increase the personal and corporate productivity of every computer user, has announced the launch of world’s first electronic diary ‘eDiary™’ which gives users freedom from lugging heavy lap-tops by capturing the handwritten page and storing it in the computer at the click of a button. The eDiary™ is a simple, smart, sleek and stylish note-book that can be carried by everyone.

P S Moorthy, MD, Hitech Solutions said, “My ambition is to see an eDairy™ in the hands of every student and professional in India. I am certain that within no time it will be as much a part of our lives as a cell phone is – we don’t leave home without it”. Costing as little as a mid-end cell phone, the eDiary™ frees the users to write normally (on any paper of their choice) and still be able to store the information digitally. It does away with the need for typing or looking for a source to charge the lap-top, thus freeing up the users.
The eDiary™ comes with a standard B5-sized paper notebook fitted with a small base unit placed on the top-margin and a special electronic pen (e-Pen). The e-Pen functions as any normal writing instrument with a normal changeable refill and has additional electronics that works with the base unit to capture the handwriting strokes. eDairy™ has built-in memory to save up to 100 pages of written notes at a time, which can later be downloaded to a PC with the help of USB cable. Weighing only 40 grams more than a regular diary of similar size, it is easy to carry in a hand-bag, knapsack or briefcase.
Software application provided with the eDiary™ has the functionality to organizes notes and if required, convert the handwritten notes to normal computer text.  This portable device enables users to search files by name, date and even search a specific word within notes. eDiary™ also incorporates features like schedule to make it easy to work with to-do lists and note appointments.  The device also enables the user to take printouts, share the hand written notes by email or transfer hand-made sketches to editing software such as MS-Paint and CorelDraw, after converting to tiff format
In India, the Hi-Tech eDiary™ is available at an MSRP of Rs.9350, and carries a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. The mission of Hi-Tech Solutions is to deliver innovative state-of-art-technology, products with customisable solutions at an affordable cost.

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