MSC Cruises adopts IBS’ Cruise Partner solution


Tvm: MSC Cruises, one of the foremost cruise companies in the world, has moved over to IBS’ Cruise Partner™ for upgrading its passenger reservation system. The IBS upgrade, named MSC BEE, uses the latest technology to enable the reservation process for the Company’s entire fleet of eleven ships via the web with customized interfaces for consumers, travel agents and tour operators.

The upgrade will give MSC a modern reservation & inventory management system with all the required functionalities and business rules. Underpinned by cruise specific booking flows, the new system will provide MSC the flexibility to introduce product and pricing changes quickly, improved operational efficiencies and critical control of the business. 

Headquartered in Geneva, MSC Cruises is the fourth largest cruise operator in the world and the leader in the Mediterranean cruise market. MSC Cruises is the only company in the world to receive the “6 Golden Pearls” award from Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental protection.

IBS’ solution Cruise Partner™, used by major brands like Louis Cruises and Star Cruises, distinguishes itself by its supreme versatility and scalability – with clients ranging from small, niche players to mega cruise lines. Every level of operational detail is factored into the system; from interchangeable cabin configuration to variable segment embark/disembark pricing, to rules engine-based discounts and commission structures.

In a release, Giuseppe Flammia, Chief Information Officer, MSC Cruises said, “As the world’s fourth largest cruise operator, MSC Cruises is committed to continual improvement in everything we do, and it stands to reason that new technology is part of that core mission. MSC BEE reservation management system is going to be a significant help to make our booking process more flexible and efficient”.

V K Mathews, Chairman & CEO, the IBS Group said, “MSC BEE project is a step towards delivering an enhanced customer experience and will play a pivotal role in helping MSC achieve their target of having over 2 million sailing passengers per year in the very near future. We are sure that our re-engineered solution underscores IBS’ expertise in new-generation technology and ability to deliver large and complex projects”.

Technopark based IBS is a leading global provider of new generation IT solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries. A specialist in the domain, IBS offers a range of products and services that manage mission critical operations of airlines & airports that help them increase safety, maximize efficiency, improve revenue, manage growth and reduce costs.

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