BPL Health Insurance enrolment @ Akshaya Centres


Tvm: The registration of BPL families who were not issued Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) smart cards will start from today at Akshaya Centres across Kerala. The Government aims to enrol about 20 lakhs BPL families in the scheme. Already a total of 18 lakh families including 1.64 lakhs APL families have become beneficiaries under this scheme.

The Comprehensive Health Insurance Agency of Kerala (CHIAK) is the Nodal Agency constituted for the implementation of the Rashtriya Swastya Bima Yojana (RSBY) – CHIS in Kerala. The RSBY-CHIS aims to cover 35 lakhs BPL families in the unorganised sector in three phases. The enrolment for the third phase which starts today will include the families left out in first and second phases. The Government aims to carry forward this momentum through CHIS.

Akshaya eKendras across the state will embark on this massive enrolment of BPL families. The facility will be available at over 2000 Akshaya centres across Kerala. Earlier, about 1.64 lakhs APL families had registered through Akshaya Centres for CHIS enrolment and they have also been issued the Smart Cards. This translates to about 9 lakh individuals.

BPL families can register for the scheme at the nearest Akshaya centre across Kerala. On an average, there are two Akshaya Kendras in each panchayat. They have to pay Rs.30 per family which includes an annual registration fee and the beneficiary contribution. (Rs.5  to be paid at the time of registration and Rs.25 at the time of enrollment.) Akshaya centers will get Rs.12/- per each registration. This is yet another effort of Akshaya to bring the services of the Government to the citizens.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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