What does it take to be a Malayalee @ SunTec?


Tvm: SunTec gets more vibrant on the first day of every November. Every SunTecian lovingly imbibes the rich Malayalee tradition of the truly global company within days of his / her induction into our rolls. Even while conquering new geographies and industries across the globe with our software solutions, SunTec has always remained strong on our Kerala moorings. So much so that the Keralapiravi Day is celebrated with much splendour and enthusiasm every year in the company. This year too, it was no different.

Planning for the special day started weeks ahead, and all the employees were prompted to wear their best Kerala traditional outfits on that day. The theme for the day this year was ‘What does it take to be a Malayalee?’ On November 1, we arranged for special fun games on the floors of all our offices in Trivandrum. The games included ‘Malayala Mapini’, ‘Nakku Kuzhakkikal’, and ‘Balavan-Balavathi’.

Malayala Mapini gauged the participants’ command over the language. SunTecians selected a topic of their liking and spoke extempore for a minute before the audience – in pure Malayalam. Every time one used a non-Malayalam word, points were deducted. The audience was free to interrupt and fire questions at the participants, in a deliberate attempt to make the participant stumble upon a frequently used English or Hindi word. Even native Malayalees were found floundering sometimes for the Malayalam equivalents of English words that are so commonly interspersed in our conversations.

Men and women vied with each other for the ‘SunTec Balavan’/ ‘SunTec Balavathi’ title in an exciting arm-wrestling contest. While the audience shrieked and applauded to cheer their friends and colleagues, who were sweating it out on the wrestling table, the excitement reached a crescendo. Winners of the games shared their joy with all who had gathered, and another typical ‘Fun @ Work’ day at SunTec came to an end.

We celebrate every little event and every special day on our floors with great fervour. But the Keralapiravi Day stays close to our hearts. 

Biju Chandran
for Kerala IT News

About the Author: Biju is with the Corporate Marketing team at SunTec Business Solutions

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