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Kochi: RapidValue Solutions, the Infopark based mobile applications and mobility solutions provider has announced the release of the Trends Magazine which is the first ever iPad magazine to be released in Middle East by MediaQuest Corp. RapidValue has used its Tablet Publishing solution to power this magazine which gives features like online subscription and offline browsing.

According to a release from the Dubai based MediaQuest Corp., this is the first digital copy of a magazine on the Apple iPad in the Middle East. Founded in 1998, the Trends is positioned as the leading international magazine on Arab affairs. The magazine can now be accessed on iTunes via App Stores.

Alexandre Hawari, co-CEO of MediaQuest said, “Even though the print edition of Trends has an audited circulation of over 50,000 copies a month, we are still eager to attract new readers and we believe that the iPad application can help us do this. We are at the cutting edge of new media, it would be wrong of us to ignore the popularity of the iPad in the region and the appetite for content through new technology.” MediaQuest plans to add further titles on the iPad application in the coming months as well as provide its large portfolio of magazines on smart phones.

RapidValue’s Tablet Publishing solution comprises of an iPad front end and a Content Management System for publishing magazines to an iPad app. Some of the key features that our solution provides are Reading, Offline Browsing, Management, Content Editor and Reporting.

Interacting with Kerala IT News, Rajesh P,CEO, RapidValue said, “We are proud to power the first iPad magazine in the Middle East. We have made our solutions to fit publishers no matter whether they are small, medium or large. We provide the highest quality at an affordable price and this is what’s makes us different from others. Our Tablet Publishing Solution can provide a fully branded application which can be downloaded from Apple App Store (iPad) or Android Marketplace (Android tablets).”

RapidValue Solutions, which has its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area, focuses on touch-screen mobile technologies and cloud computing. The company which now has 35 resources on its rolls plans to double its workforce by the end of this year.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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