Le Réveillon: Christmas @ Alliance Française


Tvm: With Christmas just round the corner, Alliance Française de Trivandrum is organising Le Réveillon, a celebration to usher in the Christmas season in true French style with carols and Bûche de Noël (Yule log), a traditional dessert served during Christmas in France.

It was a tradition, dating from pre-Christian times, to honour the God Thor and celebrate the winter solstice with the building of a bonfire. As Christmas came to replace the Winter Solstice celebrations, France carried on the tradition of a ‘Yule’ log by cutting down a tree each year and then placing it in the fireplace so the heat from the log could be used to prepare the Christmas Eve midnight supper. The ashes from this ‘Yule’ log were believed to hold magical and medicinal powers that would ward off the evil spirits in the coming year. Another tradition was started when new homes were built without fireplaces so they could not burn a real ‘Yule’ log.  The story goes that an innovative French pastry chef (in the late 1800s) came up with the idea of replacing the real ‘Yule’ log with a cake that was log shaped.

The celebrations will be organised at the Alliance Française de Trivandrum on December 04, 2010 at 5.00 pm.

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