The bumpy and tough ride to Technopark


Tvm: The incessant rains and the bad maintenance have taken a toll on the road leading to the Technopark in Trivandrum. After we got several requests and complaints from our esteemed readers, we decided to drive down to Technopark. Going from the city, we took the road to the left after the Kerala University Campus at Kariyavattom, on the National Highway.

At least half of the 25,000 odd employees of the various companies in Technopark take this road. Just after detouring from the NH, we were greeted with a trench dug up for some utility purpose. The stretch of the road starting from the CSI Church till the Technopark back gate has potholes at various places. At one point near the University back gate, half of the road is missing. (Check out the Photo Feature in our blog section) This road was last tarred before the Prime Minister’s visit for the Science Congress earlier this year.

“It’s a nightmare driving through this road especially after dark”, says Sooraj, a Techie who regularly commutes to Technopark. “I had to spend a good amount of money on repairing my car’s suspension,” says Vinu, another IT Professional. “In fact Trivandrum is a bloody f!@#ked up place. Not a single road in this goddamn ‘Capital City’ is motorable”, says Shubhojit, yet another Software Engineer who shifted to Trivandrum some time back, “I am on the look out for opportunities so that I can move out of Kerala”, he adds.

It’s not just the IT professionals who are complaining. “Looks like the whole city is dug up”, says a Driver of the low floor bus who makes several trips through Technopark daily. “It’s very difficult to turn the vehicle at the Technopark back gate T junction. The road inside Technopark is also not very good. There are potholes in front of Thejaswani and the TCS Training Centre buildings.”

At a time when the State Government is scouting for huge investments in the IT Industry, the minimum they can do is to build proper roads and maintain the existing ones. Roads are part of the basic infrastructure required to showcase the State as a preferred investment destination.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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