Veterinary Doctor gets the boot for blogging comments on Minister


Kannur: Dr. P P Kanaran, Assistant Project Officer at the Regional Artificial Insemination Centre, Kannur under the Government of Kerala has been suspended from service with effect from December 04, 2010 for blogging his comments about a statement made by the Minister for Animal Husbandry at a function.

As per the Government Order (Rt.) No. 2167/10/AD dated 4.12.2010 Agriculture (AH-E) Department) Dr. Kanaran has been placed under suspension for making ‘libellous statements about the present Minister in charge of Animal Husbandry and also a former Minister on 26.06.2010’.

The Director of Animal Husbandry, in his inquiry report (No. X1-32546/10/Vig dated 10.11.2010) submitted to the Government, said that the comments of Dr. Kanaran ‘amount to insubordination on the part of the government servant’ and found that ‘such behaviour is quite unbecoming of a government servant and violation of conduct rules.’ In the circumstances the Government of Kerala ordered that Dr Kanaran be ‘placed under suspension from service with immediate effect, pending disciplinary action’.

Dr Kanaran had posted his comments on a blog, ‘Vet Concerns- Virtual Rendezvous of Veterinarians’, run by Dr. P Balachandran of the Centre for Livestock Wealth Studies. In his June 26, 2010 comments, he had expressed his dismay over the Animal Husbandary Minister Shri C Divakaran’s statement at a function organised by the Indian Veterinary Association (Kerala), Kerala State Veterinary Council and the KLD Board at Kollam on June 09, 2010 where the Minister had said, “There was no contribution of veterinarians to the animal husbandry sector”.

While Government action to the blog comments has not come as a surprise, many from his fraternity have expressed their anguish and support for Dr. Kanaran on the same blog.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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