‘Requiem’ @ Goethe Zentrum New Year Day


Tvm: Goethe Zentrum Trivandrum will be screening the award winning ‘Requiem’ by Hans-Christian Schmid on the New Year Day. This film has won 15 Awards including the Silver Baer at the Berlinale in 2006 and German Film Critics Award for the best actress (Sandra Mueller).

Set in the early 70s in Tuebingen, Germany, the film is about Michaela Klingler, a young woman torn between family and friends, religion and love of life. Director Hans-Christian Schmid is most interested in the reasons that brought about the nervous breakdown of his heroine. He asks himself what causes Michaela to tumble into this hell of mental agony: provincial narrow-mindedness, family problems and catholic insularity.

The main actress Sandra Hueller is amazing. At times timid and vulnerable, then charming and lively and then a sobbing wreck. Her absolutely convincing acting and the emotional harmony of this moving drama are to me of a rare brilliance.  Entry is free for the screening at Goethe Zentrum Trivandrum.

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