Ramakkalmedu, God of Winds dwells here!


Idukky: When in hunt of a domestic destination, Munnar or Thekkady are oft opted choices but unknown to many, on the Munnar – Thekkady road, there is a range of captivating hills in the Western Ghats called Ramakkalmedu. The lush greenery and perfect weather makes this wind hill station a wonderful hangout place.

As the journey goes up the green hills, a twin statue of a tribal family, ‘Kuravan Mount’ welcomes you. This is the tallest statue in Kerala. Anecdotes say that it is the statue of the chieftain who lived in the forests who was the chief architect and the one who helped the British engineers to build India’s biggest arch dam here. Just after the statue, the world seems to come to an end, but no, the mountains leap to the plains of Tamil Nadu. The villages of the neighbouring state give an exotic scene covered in fog.

‘Ramakkal’ means Rock of Lord Rama. Legend behind this rock says, during ‘Threthayuga’, when Sita Devi was abducted by Ravana, Jadayu gave up his life here trying to stop Ravana. The rock where Lord Rama sat and prayed to Lord Shiva is named after him. There is a Vishnu temple beneath this rock which marks Rama’s visit. It is a wonderful spot as part of a 4 km distance trekking. There are other rocks named Turtle Rock, Frog Rock and Pannippara, carved in the shapes of a turtle, frog and a big pig. This is one of Asia’s windiest places and there are windmills to generate electricity.

It is indeed a great idea to start the day’s journey with the sunrise at the Kuravan mount, experience trekking in the lap of nature, among the dense forest and wild animals and return to Kuravan mount to see the sunset. The nights are lit up like Diwali as several cities of Tamil Nadu can be seen from Kuravan Mount. Ramakkal lies 4,000 feet above the sea level. It is a round the year holiday destination with Periyar forest at one side and Tamil Nadu at the east.

To experience the wind factor at this newly discovered hill station of Kerala, check out the Windhaven Resort at Ramakkalmedu. Other sites of attraction near Ramakkal are Churuli waterfalls, Thekkady, Vaika Dam, some of the finest vineyards of India, Vagamon meadows, and cardamom and tea plantations.

Devu Sukumar
Kerala IT News


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