IT@School announces new IT show on ViCTERS Channel


Tvm: IT@School ViCTERS, the complete educational channel of Government of Kerala will soon start a weekly half hour programme ‘IT for All’, which will demystify Information Technology and highlight the latest IT Trends and Technologies that impact lay people.

Hosted by Anand Parthasarathy, the award winning IT analyst and commentator, the weekly programme in English, will be launched on January 13, 2011 during the inaugural function of State School IT Fest 2011 at the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram. The innovative programme on IT would be telecast on ViCTERS channel on every Thursday at 8.35 pm with its repeat at 12.05 pm on Friday and on every Sunday at 8.30 am with its repeat telecast at 5 pm the same day. 

In a release, K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School Project and ViCTERS said, “This programme is our dedication towards the entire educational society as part of our ICT enabled educational initiatives. ‘IT for All’ being made in English would enable students globally to get a bird’s eye view of the latest trends in IT and it is certainly an amazing experience in the offering.  For well over a decade, Anand has enjoyed a vast following, while helping lay Indians make sense of IT, through his popular columns. We are thrilled that we are joining him in reaching an even wider audience through the converging media of television and the Web.”

Anand Parthasarathy said, “It has been an exciting journey and a humbling experience sharing my personal excitement about IT with readers through the print and more recently, the online media. So much of the cutting-edge innovation in IT comes from Indians, both at home and working abroad, with leading global companies and institutions and I have been privileged to help tell the often untold story of India’s contribution in the field of computers and communication. I hope this programme will helps all of us understand the latest trends and buzzwords, while enabling us to harness those technologies and tools that might help to improve our quality of life. I applaud the initiative of the Kerala government and its innovative IT@School programme in making this programmes a reality”.

Early episodes of ‘IT for all’ will address topics like Cloud Computing, Touch Computing and Tablet PCs; harnessing social networks for pleasure and profit; digital publishing and e-books.

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