Technopark needs medical facilities, not condom shop


Tvm: Contrary to some newspaper reports about the mood among the techies at the Technopark in Trivandrum regarding the opening of a Moods shop in the campus, Kerala IT News has found that the IT professionals are demanding better medical facilities like a medical shop and the services of a full time doctor than welcoming the condom vending machine.

“It’s ridiculous, the Technopark officials seem to have got their priorities wrong”, said several CEOs and HR Managers from IT companies in Technopark that we spoke to. “Instead of a condom shop, they should be setting up a full fledged first aid post or an MI Room in the campus. More than the Rs.7,500 they will get from HLL Lifecare Ltd. as monthly rent for the space, Technopark authorities should have thought of setting up a Medical Shop there which would have been a big boon for the employees here”, they added.

The GTech officials have also echoed a similar view, “GTech wants the welfare of the employees in Technopark and there is need for a Primary Health Centre with basic lab facilities on an urgent basis. We will support any such initiative by Technopark”.

Most techies are also irked by the decision to set up a condom shop when basic first-aid services are not available in Technopark. As a lady employee puts it bluntly, “We need a shop that will sell sanitary pads or an Ibuprofen or Buscopan for an emergency during office hours than a shop which sells something for leisure use, unless that becomes an emergency. A medical store would normally stock both”.

There is no full time doctor in the Technopark campus where about 25,000 people are working except for some visiting doctors at a clinic in the Techno Mall, which doesn’t even have the basic amenities. The services of this clinic are mostly used by the companies to conduct the mandatory medical test of new recruits.

It’s been over a year since Technopark got the services of a full time ambulance (Omni). When the 108 ambulance service was introduced in May 2010, one ambulance was stationed in Technopark. But most often, in an emergency, an employee has to depend on his friends or company transport to reach the hospital.

Sometime back, when a Senior Executive with UST Global got severe chest pain while taking part in their Foundation Day celebrations, even though a 108 ambulance was parked in front of the Gayatri building very close to the venue of the function, the driver was not available. A security guard present there brought the Omni ambulance which took him to KIMS and that saved his life. In fact UST Global is supposed to be the only company in Technopark to have a Defibrillator unit in their first aid kit. (We have not confirmed this).

The death of an IBS Employee during the 2010 Tech-a-Break rally raised several questions about the medical facilities available in Technopark. While we are not interested in the propriety or the lack of it in this issue, we hope the Technopark authorities would wake up to the needs of the IT community and do the needful. We hope they will not wait till a tragedy strikes the campus, God forbid. 

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News

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