Kirschbluten @ Goethe Zentrum on Feb 5


Tvm: The Goethe-Zentrum in Trivandrum will be screening Kirchblueten Hanami (Cherry Blossoms: Hanami), a masterpiece by one of the great female directors from Germany, Dorris Dorrie, this Saturday. Cherry Blossoms: Hanami is a beautiful life-affirming and enhancing film inspired by Yasujiro Ozu’s ‘Tokyo Story’.

The film has won a slew of awards like the Bavarian Film Award 2007 (Producers’ Prize & Best Actor Elmar Wepper), German Film Award 2008 (Best Film in Silver, Best Actor Elmar Wepper, Best Costumes) and Best Film Golden Space Needle Award Seattle 2008 apart from several other nominations. The screening will begin at 6.45 pm.

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