RMESI poised for growth, sees future in Cloud Solutions


Terry Sweeney, CEO RM

Tvm: RM Plc, the UK based leader in education solutions, has identified cloud based systems as a potential area for future growth and RM Education Solutions India (RMESI), RM’s main software development centre based in Technopark Trivandrum, will play an important role in developing these new products and technology for enabling the digital revolution in learning.

This was disclosed by Terry Sweeney, CEO of RM while talking to Kerala IT News. Terry is on a visit to RMESI. According to Terry, “Cloud is essential and gives global reach. Education and cloud is suitable for each other. It will be our focus over the next five years to bring cloud based solutions which can fundamentally transform the learning process in schools.” He adds that there is a silent digital revolution going on in the teaching and learning processes and RM will provide tools for this new trend.

As RM’s main development centre for new technology, RMESI has a prominent place in RM’s global plans. Apart from new product development, RMESI will offer online support to its customers and also shared services facilities. Established in 2003 in Technopark, the centre has doubled its strength over the last two years from 202 to 462 and plans to be 550 by the end of this year. RMESI has two facilities in the Technopark campus, in Gayatri and Leela Infopark buildings.

Terry is also looking at India as a market with huge potential for curriculum software. RM is installing about 10,000 units of its software in India, mostly in metros. He also sees scope in Indian market for Scoris, a software which reengineers the traditional paper marking process into an online marking. As the number of classrooms with interactive devices go up, there will be a digital revolution and need for quality software.

“Technology has the potential to fundamentally change teaching and learning forever – but only when it’s applied with a real understanding of learning. By working with and supporting the people at the heart of education with Learning Technologies, Educational Resources and Assessment & Data Analysis, we aim to help them to do just that” sums up Terry.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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