Alliance Française: Celebration Love Film Festival Feb 15


Tvm: Alliance Française de Trivandrum in association with the Embassy of France in India and Filca is organising a Valentine’s Day special film festival ‘Celebration: Love’ February 15, 2011 from 3 pm onwards. The festival showcases two films which are romantic comedies. The films take a close-up view of the search for love and explore love in its different colours. Entry is free for the event.

My Life In the Air (Ma vie en l’air) / 2005/ 103’/ Rémi Bezançon
Yann is terrified of flying. Ever since a traumatic childhood experience, he has not been able to board an aircraft without going into a wild panic. His phobia of flying has already robbed him of one girlfriend and wrecked his self-esteem. But, ironically, he now works for an airline company, training pilots on a flight simulator. When he meets Alice, Yann realises that he must now overcome his irrational fear, or have his life ruined a second time…

You and Me (Toi et Moi) / 2006/ 90’/ Julie Lopes-Curval
In Paris, Ariane and Lena are sisters. Ariane writes photo novellas for the magazine ‘Toi et Moi’. She’s emotional and her long-time boyfriend, Farid, has her in a state because he won’t propose, won’t ask her to live with him, and often is unavailable. Lena is a cellist, quiet and circumspect in life and in her playing. She lives without passion with her boyfriend François; they’re talking about having a baby. Suddenly the women have options: a cheerful and outgoing Spanish construction worker pays attention to Ariane, and Lena finds herself attracted to Mark, a passionate soloist leaving soon to play in Asia.

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