Women are Heroes @ Alliance Française on March 05


Tvm: On the occasion of International Women’s day, Alliance Française de Trivandrum in association with the Embassy of France in India and Filca is organising a screening of the film Women are Heroes, directed by JR on 5 March at 3.30pm.

‘Women are heroes’ takes place around the world and particularly in Brazil, India, Kenya and Cambodia. The film begins in the favelas of Brazil, here we recognize the huge posters of JR and the reactions they provoke in women. Then in India, where we discover women caught between traditional customs and modern day. Then Kenya, where again, women must live in a more chaotic and unstable that. Finally, in Cambodia, we will face the violence of the ultra violent expropriation against households headed by a matriarchal system that attempts to resist the face of real estate giants. Each of those women amaze us with their courage and faith.
Kerala IT News


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