PIT Solutions launch voting tool for Kerala elections


Tvm: PIT Solutions, an IT services company located in Technopark, has launched a web based election tool for the forthcoming elections to the Kerala Legislative Assembly as part of their social initiatives. The Voting Aid Application (VAA) would help voters find a party that stands closest to their preferences.

The Kerala elections portal is an initiative by a group of political scientists and researchers from different universities and the developers from PIT Solutions. It is also supported by Transparency International, one of the biggest anti corruption NGO.

Rafeek K Mohammed, CEO, PIT Solutions said, “We believe e-Governance is evolving very fast globally. India being a vibrant economy has started lot of initiatives in this domain. We think such tools in different formats will play a major role in democratic process in the near future. We have done similar initiatives for recent elections in Brazil, Peru, and Greece. We are also launching the same platform for Scotland and Cyprus too in partnership with University of Zürich.”
The VAA is an application that enables prospective voters to compare how their policy preferences overlap with the stated policy positions of the main parties (in academic view as party views are hard to obtain during election period). The VAA is a strictly academic project and is not affiliated with any political party or movement.

The questionnaire has been designed by researchers at ZDA (Centre for Democracy) located at Aarau, Switzerland affiliated to University of Zürich as well as by Department of Political Science, University of Kerala. The VAA will show the agreement on matters of broad policy with six major political parties in Kerala.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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