Intel to support Kerala schools with laptops to enhance e-learning


Tvm: The IT@School Project under Government of Kerala has associated with Intel to accelerate the Smart School project, an e-learning programme in five districts across Kerala.  Intel through its ‘World Ahead’ programme will donate 625 Intel Classmate Laptops to cover six Government High Schools in Thiruvananthapuram, Idukki, Ernakulam, Palakkad and Malappuram Districts. The programme is expected to boost the ICT enabled education in the State, pioneered by IT@School Project. The programme will be launched on October 04, 2011 in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Intel-powered Classmate PC in the form of a Netbook has an Atom N465 processor, 1GB RAM and 160 GB HDD and the equipment is packed in a classy and secure case, making it very handy and easy to operate.  Storage carts with facility to keep as many as 40 Classmate Laptops securely (per cart) and also to charge these many equipments simultaneously would also be provided to the schools.

According to K Anvar Sadath, ED, IT@School Project, “Kerala is the first State where Classmate laptops are to be deployed in such a large number to students. With Broadband access, e-classrooms and digital Malayalam content, these schools will be the lighthouse of learning and teaching to the neighbouring schools of the district and thus deliver an enhanced e-learning experience to students, a key objective that government of Kerala plans to accomplish under centrally sponsored Smart School initiative”.

Classroom eLearning under Smart School project provides a more flexible, cost-effective, and educationally powerful option for E-learning as compared to setting up shared access PC labs.  Accompanied by effective professional development and curriculum resources, classroom eLearning makes technology a normal part of the educational experience rather than an isolated activity conducted in a separate room. The focus shifts from technology-skills acquisition, to using technology as a tool to transform teaching and learning in the classroom.

Mobile computing infrastructure is one of the most effective eLearning environments under smart school projects driven by IT@school projects in Kerala. Here all participating teachers and students are provided with Classmate laptops, dedicated for their exclusive use for certain periods. Under this programme, laptops are rotated among various groups of students during the day, but serve as personal teaching and learning tools.  Also the students in specific batch can carry these devices home for a specified time line to get more access. In a mobile classroom, students get the maximum value from access to technology and its integration into the education environment.

Government Higher Secondary Schools selected for the deployment are Cotton Hill (Trivandrum), South Ezhippuram (Ernakulam), Poomala (Idukki), Moyans (Palakkad), Karuvarakundu and Tirurangadi (Malappuram).

News update

The programme was launched by Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy on October 04, 2011. See video

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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