DocEdge documentary festival at Goethe Zentrum Oct 15-16


Tvm: Taking a deviation from the path of feature films, Goethe Zentrum, Trivandrum is presenting DocEdge, a documentary festival that will feature 11 award-winning documentaries, selected entries from the DOK Leipzig Film Festival, as well as other award-winning films from the Baltic States, China and India. Entry is free to the screenings in the evenings.

The list of award-winning documentaries are:

1. How to make a book with Steidl, Gereon Wetzel and Jörg Adolph; 90 min
2. Pianomania  Auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Klang (Pianomania – in Search of the Perfect Sound), Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis; 93 min
3. Vodka Factory, Jerzy Sladkowski; 96 min
4. Das Rudel (The Mob), Alexander Schimpke; 47 min
5. Uku Ukai, Audrius Stonys; 30 min
6. 10 Minutes before the Flight of Icarus, Arunas Matelis; 10 min
7. Nero’s Guests, Deepa Bhatia; 60 min
8. Heartquake, Mark Olexa; 52 min
9. Kawalek lata (A Piece of Summer), Marta Minorowicz; 24 min
10. The First Period, Gua Jing and Ke Dingding; 82 min
11. Flight over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence, Audrius Stonys and Arunas Matelis: 10 min

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