Food Court licensee alleges conspiracy in Technopark food audit report


Tvm: Vital Links & Services, the company which runs the Food Court at Thejaswani in Technopark, Trivandrum, has alleged that the audit report of restaurants, food outlets and joints in the Technopark campus (published on Kerala IT News on October 21, 2011) is part of a sustained malicious campaign by Technopark authorities to oust them from Technopark.

In a mail to Kerala IT News, Naviin Shyam Poddar, Director of Vital Links & Services, the licensee of the Food Court at Thejaswan, said that the report was in a very bad taste, derogatory, degrading, dis-informative and not substantiated. He feels Technopark executives have given wrong inputs and the report has been published without verifying the true facts.

In his mail, Naviin said, “We can only state that this article of yours has been written and ill advised to you, by some persons and authorities who choose to defame and demoralise us and the resources working at Technopark, as they wish to see us close down to suit their personal endeavours and gains”.

He has also questioned the authenticity of the so called audit of restaurants and food outlets in Technopark. “Is it approved or accredited by any established well known audit company with expertise in this field”, he asks. He adds that their findings were tailor-made to defame Vital Links because of undue pressures from Technopark executives.

Naviin also claims that there has been a sea change in the availability of good food in Technopark after the opening of the Food court in 2008 and as a result, the attrition levels in the Technopark companies have fallen down now as compared to when the food court was not operational.

Meanwhile Technopark authorities have termed his allegations as baseless. According to K C Chandrashekaran Nair, CFO, Technopark, “Vital Links & Services has defaulted on payments to Technopark and over Rs.1 crore is pending. We have issued a Termination Notice but they can settle the pending dues and continue with the contract”.

Kerala IT News

Note from the Editor: When the news Technopark Techies face health hazard, 18 out of 19 food joints fail audit was published on Oct 21, the Director of Vital Links & Services had mailed us asking for a public apology as the news had caused them lot of damage in terms of negative publicity of their vendors and loss of business to their brand partners. He also alleged that Kerala IT News had published the news with wild statements and accusations by taking sides to favour some officials from Technopark. Based on this we had published his unedited mail as part of this news article on Oct 24. Moreover, we wanted to be fair with all the stake holders related to this issue.

But now, based on a complaint by the Technopark CEO to the DGP and Cyber Crime Police Station of Naviin’s mail being defamatory, we have removed the text of the mail. In his complaint, Technopark CEO has said that the mail published on Kerala IT News has several derogatory references to Technopark officers and has tarnished Technopark’s image. (Last updated November 23, 2011)


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