Hay Festival Kerala @ Trivandrum, Nov 17-19


Tvm: Trivandrum is all set to host the second edition of Hay Festival Kerala from November 17-19, 2011. The festival organisers have announced the programme details, which include discussions on films, children’s literature, world literature, regional literature, socio-political discussions, the publishing world and more. Entry to the Hay Festival is free for all. The festival will host close to 45 sessions spread across the three days.

The festival will have discussions related to exploring films – scripting, theatre, and screenplays – along with special documentary screenings for three films: Marathon Boy, I for India and Shot in Bombay. There are sessions focusing on children’s literature and what makes writing for the young exciting, including a kids’ session, Bedtime for Monsters – a prelude to the Hay Scribbler’s Programme for Children. The celebration would also include discussions on world literature and exposure to literary flavours from France, Italy, Wales and Spain, along with the earliest literary works of the Nordic, Baltic and Celtic nations.

As always, regional literature will be a point of exchange with sessions on Dalit Poetry and Women’s Fiction in Malayalam among other discussions. Highlighting poets working in languages from around the world – Spanish, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Welsh, Icelandic and English – the celebration of world languages will culminate in a Poetry Gala with K. Satchidanandan, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra and Arundhati Subramaniam. The programme is an eclectic mix of intellectual and cultural events. The festival will also host soul-stirring musical concerts and present a delectable range of Kerala cuisine, at the Kanakakunnu Palace, the former summer retreat of the Travancore royal family.

The line-up also includes Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans and biographer of Chairman Mao; BBC World Anchor Nik Gowing chairing a debate about energy production; Oscar-winning film-maker Andrew Ruhemann; author Anita Nair; award-winning French novelist Agnès Desarthe; Simon Singh lecturing on cosmology and codes; and writer and academic Germaine Greer speaking about Shakespeare’s Lovers.
For more than twenty years Hay Festival has brought writers, musicians, film-makers and scientists together from around the world to cross cultural and genre barriers and foster the exchange of ideas. Hay sets literature within a wider cultural and social context and creates live festivals with internationally resonant media impact. Over the last ten years it has become a global not-for-profit charity that runs projects and festivals worldwide, including Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Nairobi, Dhaka and Beirut.

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