GreenPepper launches digital marketing initiative


Kochi: GreenPepper Consulting, the Kochi based HR brand has launched GreenPepper Digital, an innovative digital marketing company to offer digital marketing services in India to help companies promote their brand online using creative and technology tools.

In a release, Krishna Kumar, CEO, GreenPepper Digital said, “Marketing budgets will shift from traditional offline channels to online and social media in 2012. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail and Linkedin will emerge as digital marketing channels for companies influencing customers. With the amount of time spent on social media now exceeding 23% and Facebook now accounting for 90% of that time, it has become clear to companies that Facebook is a serious platform for marketers.”
“GreenPepper Digital will intelligently use cross channels to attract, influence, interact, engage, convert and retain the people who use internet. This is innovative, cost effective and result-oriented which can measure the return on investment on the digital marketing spend, helping marketers to track the campaigns closely making it flexible and spontaneous. With 125 million internet users in India, 25 million users in Facebook and 10 million users in Linkedin and 75% of total internet users are under 35, makes digital marketing the only way to reach the youngest internet population in the world”, he added.
GreenPepper plans to attract the best talent in digital marketing to deliver world class services to companies in India and abroad. Their team of designers, SEO specialists, website developers, optimizers, social media managers based in Kochi will help companies in India and abroad to promote their brand online. 

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