Shashi Tharoor advocates Trivandrum for proposed ‘Knowledge City’


Tvm: Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP from Thiruvananthapuram, has strongly advocated the city’s case for being selected as the location for setting up of the prestigious ‘Knowledge City’ project of the Kerala Government. In a letter addressed to the Chief Minister, Shri Oommen Chandy; Dr. Tharoor put forward a strong plea in Trivandrum’s favour by enumerating a number of advantages that the capital city possessed for being the location of the trend-setting proposal which is expected to change the developmental profile of the State.

Dr. Tharoor’s letter comes at a time when the State Government is set to finalise the projects under the Vision 2030 initiative recommended by Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Public Infrastructure, Information & Innovations and also, State Mentor for Vision 2030, on May 28, 2012. An integrated Knowledge City project is one of the ten projects discussed and proposed by him.

In his letter, Dr. Tharoor stated that the ‘Knowledge Economy’ has overtaken the agricultural and industrial sectors in most developed nations. The creation of a ‘Knowledge Economy’ brings about a competitive advantage in a frontier area of economic activity, which Kerala sorely needs to achieve today, for embarking on a viable development path to match the needs and requirements of its people. Again, this new sector is environment friendly, a major generator of direct and indirect employment and one which creates intellectual capital instead of competing on cost or production quality, all factors which uniquely suit Kerala’s distinct human and physical attributes.

Enumerating the advantages of Thiruvananthapuram, he said that the city has the most developed knowledge ecosystem in the State with over a dozen world-class institutions of higher education and R&D – Technopark, Technocity, KINFRA IT SEZ, CDAC, C-DIT in the IT Sector; IISER, IIST and the proposed Indian Institute of Molecular Sciences in the field of basic research & education; VSSC, LPSC, IIST, Brahmos Aerospace in aerospace; the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in the field of biotechnology; SCIMST and RCC in the field of medical sciences; Kerala University, IGNOU, KAU and Kerala Technical University in the field of higher education and the Technopark Business Incubator, Trivandrum Research and  Engineering (TREST) in the field of technology and business incubators.

The city is also Kerala’s IT hub accounting for over 70% of the State’s technology industry and has the best-in class industrial development in aerospace and medical services. The city also has the advantage of having  the best urban infrastructure in Kerala, enjoys a robust power and water supply system, a well-developed  cosmopolitan service sector oriented culture and strong national and international transportation linkages. All the above factors make Trivandrum the ideal location for establishing the proposed ‘Knowledge City’,

Dr. Tharoor concluded that the said advantages of the city will facilitate the development of the two main components of the ‘Knowledge City’- the building up of an education and R&D core and development of production areas centred around Technopark and Technocity, plus creating new areas for nationally important sectors such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and aerospace.

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