Keltron bags defence order worth Rs.6 crores from NPOL


Tvm: The Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation (KELTRON) has bagged an order from the Kochi based National Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), a DRDO lab under the Union Ministry of Defence, worth Rs.6 crores for the manufacture and supply of Sonar Simulators used for the training of the operators of submarines and ships of the Indian Navy.

Keltron clinched the deal after winning a competitive bid with companies like Bharat Electronics Limited. Designed by NPOL, this electronic simulator with state-of-the-art features meeting the international standards will be manufactured at the Aroor Unit of KELTRON, near Kochi. NPOL, the Defence R&D centre in the field of Naval systems has taken India to the selected nations club that posses the advanced technology in naval and oceanographic fields and its applications. They have designed and developed several acoustic and electronic gadgets based on these technologies.

The current order is for Sonar Simulator System which will be used at the various centres of Indian Navy to train their operators of the Sonar systems in the naval ships and submarines. The simulator will provide a ‘real life’ atmosphere and conditions and will be using the same commands and operating tools so that an operator trained in these simulators will be at home when he has to operate the actual system at ships. 

Keltron’s Aroor unit has already manufactured and supplied several types of Sonar systems, its wet-end arrays and on-board electronic processing systems designed by NPOL. The ideal location of all the three vital agencies namely the designer (NPOL), the manufacturer (Keltron) and the user (Indian Navy) within a span 25 km around Kochi has really added momentum to the nations efforts for developing indigenous technology meeting the international standards in this field. Keltron has already set up an exclusive Sonar Array Production Shop at the Aroor Unit which is the only such facility in India where not only the Sonar systems can be manufactured and tested but the existing imported sonar systems used by our Navy in their ships also can be repaired and overhauled.    
Keltron is also manufacturing the power supplies and power amplifiers required for these Sonar systems at their Karakulam Unit at Trivandrum. The acoustic transducers required to sense the sonar signals are manufactured in the Kuttipuram Unit. Keltron has been supplying a large number systems and products like Processor Based Ground Mines, EM Logs, Echo Sounders, etc., for Indian Navy for the last three decades.   

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