Kerala’s biggest ever ‘hackathon’ produces new apps & services


Kochi: Scores of new applications and services were developed by techno geeks from college campuses during a 30-hour coding spree at the Kochi based telecom technology hub, Startup Village, in the biggest ever hackathon held in Kerala. Hosted by Innoz Technologies, the hackathon featured 65 students who were given a brief and the space to give free reign to their imagination.

A hackthon is typically a fun gathering of programmers and developers who put their heads together to create usable software for specific platforms. The hackathon at Startup Village resulted in apps including a search service for the short code 55444 (Innoz is the developer of mobile search engine 55444) and another app that enables users to log out from all the systems they are logged into Facebook.

The event kicked off at 9 am on Saturday and continued until 4 pm on Sunday. After a brief presentation on 55444, the student participants were given high-speed broadband access and a space of their own in the Startup campus, complete with creature comforts including beanbags and energy drinks.

According to Sijo Kuruvila George, CEO, Startup Village, “We will be hosting more of these hackathons in the days to come. By actively connecting the student community to the technology industry, these events will help us in the search for the billion dollar company to rise out of a college campus, by the end of the decade.”

Earlier in July, the Technopark TBI incubated Innoz, which is now based in Banglaore, had conducted a similar hackathon for its mobile platform. The participants were drawn from different cities, in a first of the kind experiment to show how innovators can use SMS platform to develop applications for the masses.

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