Saltmangotree launches Brandittude for Social Media Analytics


Kochi: Digital branding firm Saltmangotree Creative Marketing Communications has launched a social media tool, Brandittude, for Digital media analytics and Management for brands. Brandittude helps brand managers and marketers to analyse and manage their social media channels on a single platform. The pre-beta version of Brandittude is now available for preview.

Brandittude has complete processes for managing the social media channels at ease, unique combination of both technology and process management helps brand managers and marketer to manage their digital platform with existing resources. The tool also enables the users to hire Saltmangotree technology or creative team to produce content and strategies combining services along with analytics tool.

Currently the marketing managers have social media analytics tool but no comprehensive products that can help managers / marketers to manage their end-to-end social media processes. Brandittude will be able to enhance the brands’ digital performance, augments customer’s interactions in digital platform and solve issues that have been facing by the brand managers in managing respective social media networks.

“We are much delighted in launching Brandittude for the Indian brands. Brandittude is the missing piece for every brands to run their social media channels, it enables analytics and data representation and helps the user to find end to end solutions like creating content, videos and creatives. The user can source the work to a team in the back end through the Brandittude dashboard. Introduction of a tool like Brandittude is definitely a contribution to the Indian digital advertising industry. Tool like Brandittude ensures that our model can scale up beyond the geographical limits to the new markets,” said Andrine Mendez, CEO & Founder Saltmangotree Creative Marketing Communications.
Salt Mango Tree, represents the new face of digital media marketing bringing together the traditional media and hi-tech marketing tools. With a name that stands out in the minds of every individual from God’s own country, SMT was started in January 2011.

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