MobMe partners with Gemalto & Valimo for digital signatures


Trivandrum: Ushering in a new era in the digital revolution, MobME Wireless Solutions has bagged the technology rights to roll out mobile digital signatures that RBI has, in its guidelines, recommended as the preferred mode for secure logins and transactions. Over 900 million mobile phone subscribers in India can now use their handsets to put digital signatures, giving a stamp of legal sanctity to their transactions which are now done using only computers.

The Kerala based company has partnered with Gemalto, the 6 Billion Euro global digital security leader from the Netherlands, and Valimo Wireless Oy of Finland, the world’s leading software solution provider for mobile authentication, to ensure convenient, secure and fraud-proof transactions via cell phones for the first time in India. The historic deal was formally announced in Paris at the Cartes 2012 conference, the world’s leading event in digital security and smart technologies, held during November 6-8, 2012.
“With over 900 million mobile phone subscribers and 15 million broadband users, the mobile phone is the preferred platform for maximizing the potential of digital signatures for a digital revolution in India,” said Sanjay Vijayakumar, CEO, MobMe after signing the pact.

Digital signatures are highly recommended and backed by the IT Act in India and thus guarantee highest levels of security and legal validity. The biggest beneficiary of mobile digital signatures would be mGovernance services, as all Government services need signature by citizens while sending their applications to any government department.
Eric Claudel, Senior VP (Sales & Channels), Gemalto, said the services like Annual Return Filings for companies and employees can now reach a wider user base as citizens can fill forms and affix digital signature using the SIM card of a mobile phone. “Gemalto’s range of SIM cards is compatible with all handsets and will enable a greater range of secure e-services, bringing convenience to consumers in India.”

Yousaf Ghous, CEO, Valimo; Sony Joy, CEO (VAS & NetSol), MobME; Jacques Seneca, Executive VP, Security Business, Gemalto, and Juha Mitrunen, Sales Director (Asia), Valimo, were also present on the occasion.

Founded in 2006, MobME Wireless is one of India’s leading Mobile VAS companies and has offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.

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