Anna Vetticad launches digital version of her book on RockStand


New Delhi: Om Books International has launched its latest publication ‘The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic’ by Anna MM Vetticad and its Digital version at RockStand. The digital edition of the book on RockStand will enable the readers to download the application from iOS, Android or Windows market and read this book Anytime, Anywhere! The launch was done by Sonam Kapoor on November 20, 2012.

In her remarks, Anna said, “Today’s launch reflects everything that my book stands for – a serious discussion on cinema at a glitzy venue with a glamorous star mirrors the blend of glamour and gravitas that you will find in the all-encompassing view of contemporary Bollywood that I believe I’m giving you in The Adventures Of An Intrepid Film Critic.”

Praveen Rajpal, CEO, Handygo Technologies said, “RockASAP is very happy to be associated with Om Books International for launching digital version of Anna’s book, which is exclusively available on RockStand, our EBook Store. It helps readers to read and discover the magical world of Bollywood within a click of a button.”

Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International, says, “In a country like India, Bollywood dominates our lives right from childhood. It figures in conversations of grandmothers and grandchildren. Anna’s book raises important issues about our entertainment industry that merit serious reflection at multiple levels”.

The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic is journalist Anna MM Vetticad’s account of a year in which she resolved to blog reviews of every single Hindi film released in the NCR (National Capital Region), not just the high-profile, well-promoted films, or big-banner productions with major stars, but literally every single one of them. Through the experience of viewing and reviewing those 121 films and interviewing the people who made them, the author chronicles the changing face of Bollywood.

An application of RockASAP Retails is first of its kind e-book and e-magazine platform available on mobiles & tablets. The most unique feature of RockStand is that the books and magazines available on this platform is Non-transferrable, cannot be printed or copied with a zero possibility of taking a screen shot therefore making it 100% piracy proof.

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