Maxartists launch new social media platform to ‘Share The Fact’


Trivandrum: Maxartists Technologies, an IT services company based in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, has announced the launch of a new social media platform – Share The Fact ( The new platform will allow users to share the news that they come across in their daily life. The users will have the provision to post the news along with the images or video.

The platform also has iPhone, Blackberry and Android versions which will allow users to upload the news from their mobile phone from the place where they witness the same. Share The Fact is being planned as a multimedia news platform that provides self publishing news of all genre – world news, business, sports, technology news, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds, the list is endless.

According to Roy George Thomas, CEO, Maxartists Technologies, “Share The Fact is of greater importance in today’s world as it gives the opportunity for the individuals to let the world know about anything that the person comes across in their daily life. In order to avoid unnecessary postings from any user, all the posts will be published only after the administrator’s approval”.

The system provides all the necessary features that is required for a social media system like adding friends, inviting friends (via Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo), create groups, chatting, etc. “This platform is introduced so as to make sure that anything and everything that we come across in our daily life and the ones that we would like to share it with the public is shared and kept noticed by everyone who is using this platform”, he added.

Established in 2005, Maxartists Technologies provides a wide range of software solutions to clients across the globe like NFC solutions, Ticketing systems, Mobile applications and Biometric solutions.

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