Startup Village gets India’s first 1 Gbps Internet connection


Kochi: Download a two-hour high definition movie in 30 seconds or view a video in Youtube at lightning speed! It is now possible at the Kochi based Startup Village, India’s first telecom incubator, through its newly-laid 1 Gbps (gigabits per second) connectivity. Startup Village is only the second place in the world, after Kansas City in US, to experience this ultra-fast connectivity that is all set to revolutions the internet experience of the netizens in the coming days.

By switching on the trend-setting connectivity within a few days after the leading US tech incubator had introduced the same, Startup Village has thus also taken a major leap forward to emerge as the largest telecom incubator in the world. The facility was formally introduced on November 17 by Kerala Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy, giving a shot in the arm to Startup Village in its mission to churn out world-class startups from Indian campuses.

“We are not behind Silicon Valley. Our youngsters also are privy to the best available connectivity”, said Startup Village Chairman, Sanjay Vijayakumar. “Startup Village aims to build the elements of a world class tech ecosystem to realize the dream of a Silicon Coast in India. Apart from 100% teledensity and literacy, the submarine landing station at Kochi creates a perfect backdrop to try this ambitious pilot to effectively change the tech start-up policies in India to be at par with Silicon Valley”.
Internet giant Google launched 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) at Startup Village, Kansas City, a leading tech incubator in US, culminating a two-year anticipation by the tech world, as part of the Google Fibre Network. The Google Fibre is rated as 100 times faster than the average American broadband speed.

India on its part was hoping to introduce the same by the mid 2013 with some companies actively moving to introduce it for the public use. But Kochi, which is a crucial as gateway of two submarine cables in the country, has thus become the first city in the country to experience gigabit connectivity. 

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