Techies’ day out with West Coast to Golden Sands Tour


Trivandrum: Three techies working in Technopark have embarked on a journey of their lifetime. These die-hard Royal Enfield fans and road trip aficionados started their trip from Thiruvananthapuram to Rajasthan on November 24 and are expected to be back on December 09 after covering a whopping 7,000 km in 16 days! Biju Chandran met up with Midhun Kumar (Speridian Technologies), Smijith B (QBurst) and Aneesh V K (Trivand Technologies) before they set out for their ‘The Golden Sands Tour – West Coast to Rajasthan’ trip.

Midhun was fascinated with motorcycles while he was still a toddler and would stop whatever he was doing abruptly, to train his ears on a distant ‘vroom’. He collected and read every story about classic motorbikes, riders and long rides. The passion grew with him. “I must have watched the movie ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ more than 50 times. Still do. That was when I began seriously thinking cruising across the country on the bike – tasting the local food, mingling with the local crowd, wind on my hair, and a tune playing on my lips, with only the long, winding road stretching out before me. The travel bug bit me, and it bit hard,” recalled Midhun.

Along with his college mates, Smijith and Aneesh, who shared his thirst for the roads and biking, he revved up his passion for that ‘dream long trip’. The stories of Smijith and Aneesh are strikingly similar with that of Midhun, and perhaps that’s why these birds ‘flocked together’ as soon as they met in college. All three started their love affairs with bikes early in their high school days. All of them chose Royal Enfield Classic 350 over their first bikes, and have decided never to part their ways with them.

While cracking code, fixing bugs and resolving project issues at their own offices, they let their hearts wander along the ‘roads less travelled’. Not before long, they decided to brave pressures from families, dodge project deadlines and make their ultimate dream come true. This time, they had decided to hit the jackpot with ‘The Golden Sands Tour’. They would ride all the way to the golden sands of Rajasthan, traversing Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. After touring the major spots of Rajasthan for a few days, they will be back to Trivandrum through Goa, the Konkan Coast, and Malabar.

“Condescending managers, supportive family members and encouraging friends helped us all through as we chalked out our trip plan, budgets and necessary arrangements. We have been saving up for this trip ever since our Goa tour last year. We’ve bought the necessary gear for travel and camping, spent some on hotel bookings and bike modification, and kept the rest for the road. We planned every possible detail, and are leaving the rest to the Almighty,” said a thrilled Smijith.

“Speridian has a liberal HR policy, which encourages employees to find balance between their work lives and their interests outside office. My colleagues and management were quite supportive when I put this plan forward. Over a brief period of time, we worked out a project delivery schedule, which wouldn’t affect my trip plans, and my colleagues will gladly fill in for contingencies. IT is not all about slogging 24×7, late hours and minimal fun, you see!” Midhun chimes in. “If it weren’t for our friends and benevolent managers in our offices, our dream would’ve never materialized,” adds Aneesh.

Biju Chandran
Kerala IT News

About the Author: Biju Chandran, a former journalist and an avid writer, heads Corporate Communications at Speridian Technologies.


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