TCS launches Optumera and OmniStore Retail Solutions


Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) today announced the launch of two retail solutions. Optumera™ Digital Merchandizing Suite enables retailers to leverage the power of computational intelligence to deliver shopper centric merchandising, and Omnistore™: Unified Store Commerce Platform is a micro-services based modern POS platform to help retailers seamlessly orchestrate omni-channel journeys for their customers.

TCS’ Retail business, with more than 20 years of consulting and IT services expertise with global retailers, leveraged its unique vantage point to develop next generation innovative solutions that address the emerging omnichannel needs of today’s retailers.

Optumera™ Digital Merchandising Suite leverages the power of Big Data analytics, analyzing heterogeneous data sources with advanced machine learning algorithms. In turn, retailers can localize and optimize store space, curate a shopper centric omni channel assortment, respond in real time to competitor pricing strategies, and automate planogram compliance through image processing. Optumera™ leverages stochastic optimization algorithms on a high performance computing platform for prescriptive analytics that help merchants to predict the possible consequence based on different choices of action to de-risk their investments and model customer behavior.

OmniStore™: Unified Store Commerce Platform alleviates retailers’ current challenges with traditional Point of Sale (POS) platforms that are incapable of delivering an omni-channel customer experience. OmniStore™is a micro-services based Unified Stores Commerce Platform with open standards aligned architecture and industry leading ARTS data models. This helps retailers seamlessly orchestrate omni-channel journeys for their customers in store by unifying the cart, wish-lists and catalogs across channels, and combining store and online orders. OmniStore™ is hardware agnostic, has flexible architecture and offers multiple deployment models (including cloud) and easy customization, without disrupting upgrades and support for multiple devices, including tablets, phones and registers.

“TCS is focused on developing solutions that harnesses the power of digital technologies to help retailers innovate and differentiate,” said Pratik Pal, President of Retail & CPG, TCS. “Optumera™ leverages advanced big data analytics and machine learning to drive shopper centric merchandising. We believe this will bring the power back to the merchants. TCS has invested in building OmniStore™, which is a compelling alternative to a traditional POS. Built on micro-services architecture, it enables orchestration of omnichannel user journeys in stores.”

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