C-DAC launches Malayalam voice enabled news reader


Trivandrum: The Thiruvananthapuram centre of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a premier R&D organization under Government of India, has launched VarthaMozhy, a Malayalam voice enabled news reading system.

VarthaMozhy was launched at TecX13, a three day Technology Expo organised by C-DAC as part of the National Technology Day celebrations at Technopark, Trivandrum.

VarthaMozhy is intended to download news from the specified Malayalam news websites and reads it out according to user input, along with the display. The news will be downloaded automatically at the system start up and stored in a particular directory. During the initiation of the system, user has to give paper name and topic as inputs. It will read the headings of selected topic. While reading the heading the user can select the corresponding detail news of the heading. After reading the detail news, user will be able to go back to next heading.

Interacting with the media, P M Sasi, Associate Director, C-DAC said, “The voice activated and voice enabled news reader VarthaMozhy will help the visually challenged read news websites. Others can also use VarthaMozhy for multi-tasking as they can listen to the news from websites while doing something else.”

The user can interact with the system in three modes such as keyboard, mouse or speech.
The keyboard mode can function as beginner mode and advanced mode. Beginner mode is intended for first time users, supported with audio instructions which give every details of operation. Advanced mode intended for experienced users, supported with speech assistance for basic instructions. Both modes are supported with keyboard shortcuts so that even a visually challenged person can operate the system with ease.

In Mouse mode the user can operate the system with just two buttons of the mouse. This mode is very useful for physically challenged persons, since it involve only minimum physical movement. The speech mode enables the user to operate the system through voice commands. Audio feedback facility is provided for recognized commands so that even a visually challenged person can operate the system though speech. In addition to these facilities, menu and icon driven navigations are also supported in this system

The other features supported by the system are Selection of news topics, Increase / decrease volume, Increase / decrease Font size, Navigation facility such as details, previous and next news, and News archiving facility. VarthaMozhy is available for free download from C-DAC’s Malayalam resource centre.

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