Kerala Tourism comes out with Kindle version of destination books


Trivandrum: Online readers across the world will be able to get a close look at ‘God’s Own Country’ with Kerala Tourism taking to Kindle to provide a peep into its jaw dropping destinations.

In a first of its kind by a State Tourism board, five richly illustrated and informed books on Kerala’s major tourism destinations are now available on Kindle, a favourite with e-readers with over a million books to choose from.

The five books, explaining Kerala’s rich tapestry of history and its natural swathe of enchanting green, are Kerala and the Spice Routes, Silent Valley National Park, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Eravikulam National Park and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

All the books are products of months of research and contain pictures taken by top professionals in nature and wild life photography. As a pioneer in using technology to provide information about Kerala and destinations, the state tourism department has taken a step further to appeal to the intellect and aesthetics of the discerning global traveller.

Kerala and the Spice Routes, which retraces milestones in human civilisation spanning continents, is a rewind to the past and a peek into the layers of the people’s sense of adventure and thirst for new experiences. The book narrates the rich multiculturalism of Kerala more than two-millennia ago by taking the readers through the Malabar coast that was the starting point for Kerala’s spice trade with the rest of the world. With the help of arresting photographs, Kerala and the Spice Routes talks about the history of races that touched Kerala’s shores, the landing of traders and the synergies that worked to create a rich social fabric.

The other books from Kerala Tourism’s new Sanctuary for the Soul series of books – Silent Valley National Park, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Eravikulam National Park and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve – are a treatise on the people’s links with the nature, portrayed with conservation and the need to protect forests in mind.

These books lead the reader through the rhythms of the wild, alerting each to the wonders of the nature and the harmony of the jungle, offering a rare opportunity to experience the tropical green coming alive.

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