State IT Mission sets Trend on counting day in Kerala Election 2016


Trivandrum: As the nodal IT agency for the State, Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) has played an important role in disseminating the election results on the counting day (May 19, 2016). KSITM co-ordinated with a host of agencies like National Informatics Centre (NIC), State Election Department, KSWAN (operated by UTL), SDC-2 Technopark (operated by Sify Technologies), SDC-1 Co-Bank Towers (operated by Keltron), BSNL and Keltron, to achieve this task.

The major role for these agencies who participated on behalf of the Election Commission for result publishing are:

  • NIC developed an application named TREND for the Web and Android result publishing, which was optimized on a very professional manner.
  • District Level Officers from NIC co-ordinated at each counting stations.
  • Keltron provided the Local Area Network, Computers & Cabling work at each counting station.
  • BSNL provided Point to Point Leased line connectivity / VPN over Broadband as primary connection and secondary connection as Broadband with Static IP address for all the counting stations.
  • KSWAN provided backbone connectivity for the counting stations.
  • SDC-2 provisioned with servers and network for the publishing the result.

The election result publishing was hosted on nine high-end physical servers and ten virtual instances on cloud infrastructure at SDC-2. The servers for hosting the application and catering to database were set up by engineers deployed at SDC-2. Live data originated from the counting room was immediately transmitted to these servers. High-end servers configured at supercomputing level were used to serve the data online to media, public and to the Government mobile apps. All the servers were set up under redundant mode to ensure high availability and tremendous load handling.

In order to provide smooth and uninterrupted service to the media, KSITM provided separate network with Firewall, Router, Switch, ISP and Trend entry servers from counting stations.

The public could access the results live through which recorded more than 11 crores hits on May 19. Highest of 850 Mbps of entire State Data Centre bandwidth was utilized on peak hours. Mobile Apps like PRD, e-Voters, was also catered for Election Result Publishing with data feed from TREND.

The Internet connectivity support at the SDC-2 was provided by three different service providers – BSNL, National Knowledge Network (NKN) and Sify. The counting centre connectivity to the SDC-2 was set up by BSNL and KSWAN.

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