Mutotack Technologies launches HavFun video streaming app


Kochi: Mutotack Technologies, a city based IT company, has launched a video streaming app ‘Havfun’ which will help users to select and watch videos of their choice for free without worrying about mobile data.

According to a press release from the company, the app would revolutionize the concept of entertainment for free as it will provide free entertainment to long distance travellers or to those who wait at railway stations and bus stands. The users don’t have to pay for Internet to get the Havefun service. All you need to do is download the app and ensure that you are near a HavFun hotspot.

The app helps users to select videos from a vast collection of Movies, Feature films, short films, music videos, comedy clippings, etc. It also features the latest movies which can be viewed for a small fee. There is more than 2,000 hours of programmes stored in HavFun app.

Jiji Philip, founder & CEO, Mutotack said, “We will be installing HavFun hotspots in trains, long distance buses, waiting rooms, airports, bus stations and platforms at railway stations. As an initial step we are planning to provide HavFun services in the selected trains across Kerala. The service will also be available in selected hospitals, hotels and restaurants based on the people’s response. The network will be frequently expanded to reach out to more users. The app offers video streaming worth 360 GB for free every month.”

AbhilashVijayan, co-founder & CTO, Mutotack said, “The app will help users to watch movies, songs and videos on an amazing speed and on high quality without draining your mobile data. Since HavFun operates on high speed, users don’t have to wait or to stare at the loading indicator. In short, HavFun means excellent entertainment on high speed, high quality and at your convenience. We are sure that it will be a totally different, innovative and continuous enjoyment for users.”

Mutotack is a technology company that delivers end-to-end innovation, product development and marketing solutions.

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