Ayurveda experts launch Internet based treatment package


Kochi: In a daring deviation from the norm, a group of Ayurveda experts has launched a medical treatment package in cyberspace – without compromising on the ancient healing system’s core principle of basing prescriptions after studying each patient individually and in depth.

‘NaturWell’, which guarantees overall wellness to subscribers of the year-long programme being rolled out through homilies over the internet and medicines at doorstep, is essentially founded on the tenets mentioned in ancient texts of Ayurveda, according to the conceivers.

Cybele Herbal Laboratories has fashioned the pioneering action plan considering that a holistic Ayurveda cure to mental and physical ailments requires a physician-patient interaction spanning no less than six hours. “But we also realise that the task next to impractical in today’s busy world. Hence, NaturWell,” reveals P N Balaram, CEO of Cybele.

The recently-devised regimen guarantees wellness over a year’s time, based on a string of treatment given to a patient based on his or her email responses to a comprehensive list of 20 questions on their site (cybelelife.com).

“Today’s world doesn’t give people sufficient time to consult with the Ayurveda doctor. Nonetheless, it requires sufficient knowledge about the patient’s parameters, lifestyle, environment, heredity and social relations among others. Our questionnaire aims to know the relevant history and present of the patient,” says Balaram, who has been intensely associated with Ayurveda for the past quarter century.

It took 14 years for a group of experts with Ceybele to pore over 1,18,000 codified pages of Ayurveda manuals to arrive at ‘NaturWell’, which also takes into account Yoga. “The regimen aims to help the subscriber attain a perfect balance of the body, mind and the soul,” he notes. Ayurveda basically talks about preventing diseases than treating them. The mission started in 1999 under endocrinologist R V Jayakumar of the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College along with a team of doctors.

The 365-day personalised health regimen is divided on the principles of ‘Rasayana’ (energizing), and features four stages lasting three months each. The first quarter focuses on conditioning and strengthening the Body, while the next would work to tone up the mind. Stage 3 aims at awakening and balancing the senses, while revitalizing energy is final-leg pursuit.

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