IT@School introduces Edutainment Platform for Primary Schools in Kerala


Trivandrum: The Education Department of Government of Kerala has introduced new Information Communication Technology (ICT) textbooks for the primary classes from 1to 4 through its IT@school project.

The new textbook named ‘Kalipetty’ (Playbox) has been developed in such an edutainment manner which integrates even games through meaningful learning situations. These textbooks inculcate the art of empowering the students with responsiveness to their neighbourhoods and to enhance the learning ability through language, mathematics and geography. This would benefit around 15 lakhs students studying in Kerala.

According to K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director of IT@School, “ICT Education in Primary section aims at a process of learning interesting findings through self-study, fun games and observations rather than simply teaching computers to students. The new ICT textbooks are packed with fun-games which integrate learning processes of mathematics, geography and linguistics. The games are organised in such a manner to equip the students with various Primary class contents such as Arithmetic trainings, Noun based exercises, classroom activities such as reading, drawing, storyboard, comprehensions, numeric, dialogues, pattern making, colour acquaintance etc stage by stage.”

Teachers could also make use of the games and activities of the new ICT textbooks for entry for content presentation, motivation and even evaluation. For differentially abled students who require special attention, Kalipetti also has specific content which would help them overcome many of their limitations and learn ICT education.

The revolutionary textbook contents comprises of a bunch of educational applications including GCompris which is a collation of learning games for students of age group of 2 to 14 years, softwares like pySioGame, Ominitux & Tuxpaint enhance logical thinking, co-relations and memorisations in kids and Anagramarama which can be used for word puzzles. In addition to these contents, the upgraded version of Gnu / Linux Operating System prepared by IT@School for Primary Classes which incorporates interactive educational applications that can be easily handled by students would also be made available to the teachers.

The textbooks which converges ICT technologies with the new curriculum pedagogy has been approved by the Curriculum Steering Committee. The textbooks will have versions in English, Tamil and Kannada.

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