IT@School unveils scheme for digitising 45,000 classrooms in Kerala


Trivandrum: The IT@School Project under General Education Department, Government of Kerala has announced the details of the ‘Hi-Tech School’ programme which is been implemented in 45,000 classes from Classes 8 to 12 in all the Government and Aided schools in the State.

This project envisages a comprehensive upgradation of various elements of classroom learning such as infrastructure, textbooks, learning materials, teacher trainings, handbooks, monitoring and evaluation, e-governance using ICT. Government would facilitate necessary physical, academic and digital contents which are required for implementing ICT education as part of this programme. All teachers would be provided with basic IT training, specific training for classroom teaching using ICT equipments, ICT enabled subject training, training on ICT content development and its technical aspects.

Under this programme, all schools would be equipped with Digital Interactive Textbooks, Digital Content Collection for easy learning of all subjects, Resource portal which would ensure a round-a clock learning atmosphere to all, E-learning / M-Learning / Learning Management system and evaluation mechanisms. Each school would feature offline servers hosting educational contents, which would be connected to classrooms. This system would enable a secure and easy access of contents for the students and teachers. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) based resources would provides unrestricted access, sharing of digital contents and educational software would be used in all schools.

A well-equipped computer lab would feature in all Hi-Tech schools as part of ICT enabled education. In the first phase, ICT equipments would be deployed to the Hi-Tech schools at the ratio of one computer lab for every 15 divisions.

“A detailed online school survey would be initiated as a first step for implementing this programme. The list of ICT equipments for the schools would be finalised based on the inputs from the IT Audit then and also after reviewing the school’s individual plan for implementing this programme”, said K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School Project. Steps would be taken to repair the faulty ICT equipments in the schools, thereby ensuring availability of sufficient hardware.

The implementation of HI-Tech school project has commenced in 2016 September, and is being piloted in Alappuzha, Puthukad, Kozhikode North and Thaliparamba assembly constituencies. Detailed activities for expanding the programme to the remaining 136 constituencies are progressing and online school survey starts from November 15, 2016.

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